The 101 On Facelifts You Didn’t Know You Needed


The very first thing a person notices about another individual is the face. If that itself is haggard looking, the overall impression is spoilt. A tired or saggy face not only affects how others look at you, but it also changes how one feels about oneself. The face is a crucial point of identity. A glowing and smooth skin face boosts self-confidence like no other, but aging takes a toll on all of us. We lose our youthful appearance at some point or the other, but a face lift surgery can do wonders. There are a number of aesthetic clinics that offer treatments like a facelift singapore. Pick the one you are most comfortable with and enjoy the ability to age gracefully.

For people who work in the media, or have a career that requires interacting with high profile individuals regularly, looking good becomes necessary. Take a glance at and pick one celebrity or HNI who has a jowly face. It will be next to impossible. So, what does a face lift surgery solve? Using facelift, one can not only restore beauty that fades with time but also addresses problems caused by losing weight. These are:
• Removal of creases. This can be at the base of the nose or the corners of a mouth.
• Removal of jowls
• Increases elasticity of the skin
• Creating neck and chin contours
• Building muscles tone. This can be done on the face and the neck.
For each person, the problem to be addressed is different. The advantage of modern technology is that it allows sophisticated surgeries to tackle every issue. Talk and consult your plastic surgeon thoroughly before going into the surgery. A trained and experienced facelift surgeon will ensure that the procedure is in keeping with your natural facial characteristics. The result of a facelift should look seamless and not unnatural.

How does a face lift help the real personality shine through even when the hazards of a fast-paced life weigh heavily on us? The basic procedure a facelift surgery uses is the tightening of facial muscles. With time, the muscles lying beneath the skin in our face begins to weaken. This causes them to sag which results in the tired looking face we see so commonly. The trick is to first work on the underlying structure of the face before actually working on the loose skin. If only the skin is tightened, then the loose muscles put constant pressure on the face. Consequently, the effects of the face lift are lost sooner. By rearranging the muscles and tightening them before lifting the skin ensures the results last longer.

How is the skin tightened? To literally turn the clock of time back the drooping skin is trimmed, very carefully, then tightened and stitched. A vital point here that only a few skilled surgeons take care of is that the facial skin should not be pulled too much. A too tightened skin gives the face a stretched and weird look.

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